Rd. 21, Marquette, NE, 2018

found objects, wood, antique wall paper, organic materials

A place|form is recreated, collaged back together from left over remnants of mostly people. Every inhabitant of a space brings a new content and lingering memory.

Nesting mice, who only come out at night leave tears of insulation scattered across my working desk and next to the rolls of wallpaper from the 50’s, in the corner are old shoes, probably worn by a man considering they are huge, plumped in a wooden basket along with a cheese grater, weird cat pillow and way too many pocket knives.

Wood, bricks, clay, a lamp, bird nests, a wasp nest, an old bird painting, Christmas letters, an apple core added in - a treat for the Raccoons living in the ceiling - considering it was gone the next day, I think they liked it, grasses from right outside the door, rusty nail bits.