Artist Statement

My work acts to explore commonalities that exist between processes found in our natural environment alongside the routines of my everyday life. 

By seeking to understand the roles that social and cultural interactions bring into these natural environments, I am interested in creating sculptures and installations that pull from the influences of everyday objects and materials combined with collected, preserved and sourced natural resources. 

I tend to collect objects that represent personal places and times. In the same manner that photographs are used to capture moments, I use jars and various containers as “time-capsules”. Through the curiosity evoked by these often-organic objects, I come to have a better understanding of the collective experiences of passing time, preservation of memory, growth and decay.

My making process often combines natural elements such as dirt, clay, water, plants and wood with manufactured materials and found, recycled objects. Interested in the activation of materials and physical interactions, I incorporate elements of movement, growth, touch or personal objects to excite collective memories.